Colors and shapes around me

There’s nothing bigger than the small details, is it?

Geometrical travels


Cities & Patterns


What makes a city different from another city? What makes it recognizable? And unique? Is it its skyline? Its monuments? Its fame? For me, each city has its own fingerprint, which can be found not in its shape, nor in its recommended destinations, or in its famous buildings, but in its inner structure. Barcelona’s Eixample is a net of straight streets, equally distanced. Lisbon’s Baixa and Bairro Alto are a maze of cobblestone streets. Amsterdam has its narrow houses rowed by the canals. On any Greek island, there’s always this incredible whiteness of the houses, and the irregular pavement of the streets, made of large stones and with the gap between them painted in white.

The discrete geometries and repetitive details are actually the ones who give to a place its unique personality.


Lights & Patterns


This is a collection of light geometries, from a solar panel made of a LEDs grid, to videomappings, and ephemeral installations.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”



Seas & Patterns


The waves get their shapes from the storms and the wind, but also from the shorescape and the seabed. They break differently on a wide sandy beach than when they reach the rocks. The pattern of the waves turns into unpatterned sequences, depending on where they reach the shore.

And so is the shore, a series of patterns created by nature.

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São Miguel, Where Each Street Has Its Own Pattern

The map of São Miguel island could be easily drawn as a set of patterns which cover the main streets and plazas. Continue reading

Blau. Museu Blau

A triangular mass of dark-blue concrete split in places to reveal reflective glass planes, Museu Blau is a presence hard to ignore. Continue reading

Zadar. Greeting to the Sun, on the Music of Sea

It looks like a huge disco floor placed right near the water of the Adriatic sea: this is the Greeting to the Sun, playing from dusk til dawn playful colourful lights generated by solar panels. Continue reading

Lisbon’s Patterns and the 17 Ways to Symmetry

Opposites may attract in infinite ways. Symmetry, though, can only be achieved in 17 ways. And this exact number was proved by Mr. Evgraf Fedorov in 1891. Continue reading

Patterns of the Basque Country

Azkuna Zentroa

Contemporary redesign of a one-century-old building. Continue reading

The pintxos of San Sebastian

There’s a daily reason for going out for pintxos in San Sebastián: on Thursdays, for pintxo y pote. On Sundays, to enjoy time with family and friends. On every fiesta, to celebrate. After work, to accompany your drink…. Continue reading


Just one hour away from Bilbao. Continue reading

Sculptural patterns

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