Lisbon. Praia do Guincho

Beautifully rough, this place is quite off the beaten road of tourists. Surrounded by sand dunes and pretty close to the Sintra mountain, Guincho beach faces the west coast of the Atlantic and receives strong winds and swells.

Only 7 km separate the chic resort of Cascais from this place, still everything feels different. It is not what I’d call ‘unspoiled’ but rather ‘harsh’. And disconnected from the world, completely. I was usually getting here by car, or sometimes by bicycle from Cascais, as the road is flat and nice.

During summer, there’s always the northern wind, this pretty strange wind that can decrease but never stops, day and night, for a few months. During winter, wind changes direction to east, meaning offshore.

In summer, while beaches closer to Cascais and Lisbon get overcrowded, there’s always room here, at Guincho.

This spectacular side of Portugal, with wide spaces, dramatic skies and loud ocean is what makes the place special. It’s a place where to breathe deep, let everything around you go by its natural rhythm, and feel like you’re breathing in the same time as the waves breaking.

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