Lights & Patterns

This is a collection of light geometries, from a solar panel made of a LEDs grid, to videomappings, and ephemeral installations.

Zadar. Greeting to the Sun, on the Music of Sea

It looks like a huge disco floor placed right near the water of the Adriatic sea: this is the Greeting to the Sun, playing from dusk til dawn playful colourful lights generated by solar panels. Read more.


Ephemeral light forms floating in the air: entertainment show, ceremony, or should they just be called light instruments? Read more.

Lightforms Soundforms

Brian Eno’s paintings of lights are constantly evolving, and can be viewed as moving paintings, or visual music. Read more.


Imagine a book that lights the book you’re reading at night. Read more.


From Verner Panton to Studio Drift or Carlos Cruz-Diez, this itinerant exhibition tells the story of contemporary light design, and has travelled to Paris, Ghent, Vienna, or Lisbon. Read more.

You Say Light, I Think Shadow

Shifting transformation gliding through space. Read more.


This is Barcelona’s first edition of the annual light festival. Read more.

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