The Other Side of the Visible

What is real? The visible, the sum of all things around – this is most definitely real: the terrace I am sitting at, as well as the beach and the wind and the people and the sounds and the sun and the time that flies and my yesterday deadline for a project I haven’t even started yet – all of this is very real. But what FEELS more real is what I just finished – this virtual drawing that is, in fact, a parallel reality of the real one.


This triangular pattern is actually the black and white mosaic pavement design of Praça do Município in Lisbon, created by Eduardo Nery in 1997-98: a public square of 60 by 80 meters, covered in a triangular pattern that starts from circles and then expands as 3-d like shapes (Eduardo Nery is a contemporary painter who had a lot of urban design projects, thus projecting his vision of abstract optical illusions upon several cities of nowadays Portugal).


Yes, reality is a good starting point, but not the single place to spend one’s entire day.

So, while the beach (Carcavelos beach, some 20 minutes driving from Lisbon) and the wind (that goes stronger) and the people and the sounds (it’s lunch time and this cafe has a nice lunch menu) and the sun (that shines brightly today) and the time that flies (I here since two hours already) and my yesterday deadline for a project I haven’t even started yet (a graphic identity) remain a reality, my mind is free to fly to Lisbon or interfere with the geometrical designs of Mr. Nery. And then to come back and enjoy the beach vibes and the sun…


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